partners with WIPRO Technologies

The iACT team with Mr Azim Premji at the launch of Mission 10x.
rom left:
Mr. Divakaran (CTO, Wipro Technologies), Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi (Dean iACT), Mr. Selvan (Sr. Vice President Wipro Technologies), Dr. Sandeep Shastri (Director iACT), Mr. Azim Premji (Chairman, Wipro Technologies), Dr. Shailaja Shastri (Dean, iACT), Mr. A.L.Rao (COO, Wipro Technologies), Mr. Pavan Atukuri (Sr. Program Manager Wipro Technologies)

iACT is working with WIPRO technologies as an academic partner in their venture Mission10x. This initiative of WIPRO aims at increasing the employability of engineering graduates through innovation in teaching.

Under Mission10x, workshops are conducted for engineering faculty across the country. The workshop focuses on encouraging faculty to explore new teaching techniques. 1000 faculty are to be trained in the first year 2007-08; 3000 faculty member in the second year 2008-09; and 6000 in the third year 2009-10.

As academic partners, the iACT team was involved with the three pilot workshops in Shimoga, Pune and Vishakapatnam.

Subsequently, the entire Mission10x module was reworked and the mission was formally launched by Mr. Azim Premji Chairman, WIPRO on Teacher Day, 5th September 2007.


Pilot Workshops

Shimoga : 11 to 13 January 2007

Vishakapatnam : 19 to 21 February 2007

Pune : : 9 to 10 March 2007

Mission10x Workshops

Bhubaneshwar : 12 to 16 November 2007

Hyderabad (OU) : 26 to 30 November 2007

Chennai : 9 to 14 December 2007

Pune : 17 to 21 December 2007

Hyderbad (JNTU) : 18 to 22 December 2007

The Workshops covered three modules : High Impact Presentation Skills, Cambridge International Certification and the Mission10x Learning Approach.